(telescope automation)


(telescope/observatory automation)


(observatory automation)


(advanced autonomous focuser)


(observatory watchdog)


(optics heating system)


(portable cloud, rain, wind, etc detection)


(cloud, rain, wind, etc detection)


(AAG CloudWatcher companion)

Latest News:

GNS user manual, updated users manual 
New pocketCloudWatcher!
AAG Cloudwatcher firmware for the new external humidity sensor (5.7) - 2018/May
SOLO network folder access problems (2018/May)
Special notice for owners of CloudWatcher units from June 2017 (March/2018)
- New, for Mac's OSX, Armadillo and Platypus USB Drivers: (Dec/2017) 

- New!! First version of the INDI focuser driver (Nov/2017) 


Seletek user manual, updated to current Armadillo and Platypus software version 4.7 (Nov/2017)
Javascript - integrating the Dragonfly with a web pages (Nov/2017)
- New Desktop app (smartphone style)  for Dragonfly (Oct/2017)
- New GNS app (Oct/2017)

Coming soon:

- Dragonfly updates including: internet detection, capability to send emails, programmed tasks, password protected configuration and relays, and much more!

- New GNS app with some improvements and a new OLED screesaver

Smartphone apps and permissions

Lunatico's smartphone apps (GNSGNSFree, and the new Dragonfly and the pocket CloudWatcher, and any future ones) do not require nor use any sensitive data or permission. None at all.

Bluetooth apps request location information - this is an android requirement since bluetooth 4.0. We don't want that location information, won't use it, but cannot avoid the system asking for it. And it has to be granted to have bluetooth connectivity.

Not only that, but:

  •  the apps will only use your Smartphone storage to save its own settings
  •  they won't access your calls, contacts, identity... nothing at all
  •  the only data they'll know about you is what you configure in the settings
  •  ... and even that won't be shared with anyone. Ever.