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Firmware and software

Important notice:
ASCOM: if not already installed, please download and install the ASCOM platform for the Seletek software to work, even if you plan to use it stand-alone. It's free and it's great.

Dragonfly version history

Current version: software 5.0

Last update: April 30, 2019

Stable version

Software 5.0: 

Main changes / improvements: quite a lot but as highlights: 

*    ZeroConfiguration network: so you can connect to your dragonfly from anywhere, with no router configuration. Here more information. 

*    support for the Dragonfly smartphone app

*    ASCOM switch interface

*    Improved internal web server (including a page to manage the relays and sensors, and some javascript for web page integration)

Firmware 4.1.2

In development version

(with new features being added constantly)

Published with care, but some issues may appear.

Software 5.9 / Firmware 5.1.5:


Main features:

– internet connectivity testing

– email sending 

– internal clock with time zone settings 

– access control, password based, with 2 levels: administration and relay control 

– macro (for lack of a better word) definition, for autonomous operation: 

– All the configuration (relay and sensor names and settings) is now stored inside the Dragonfly, and readily available from any device you use to connect to it (updated smartphone apps coming soon) 

Examples of things that the Dragonfly can do now: – send you an email if it detects the roof open and the CloudWatcher safety relay in unsafe position. – reboot itself if no one contacts it for a given time – switch on and off some devices (heater, dehumidifier) at given times of day – switch the internet router on and off if there is no internet connectivity for a long period of time... 

Please check the detailed description in the update users' manual above.

Known issues:

- the relay and sensor names may appear empty when the panel is launched. If this happens, just close the panel (NOT the main, small program), reopen again and it will be fine. The information is never lost.

Coming next: 

- pushbullet messages

- SMS 

- Wake on lan (the Dragonfly being able to wake computers) 

- delayed macros

- several actions in each macro

- new panel interface

... and more


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