Important notice:

ASCOM: if not already installed, please download and install the ASCOM platform for the Seletek software to work, even if you plan to use it stand-alone. It's free and it's great.

Dragonfly version history

Current version: software 5.0

Last update: April 27, 2017

Software 5.0:

Main changes / improvements: quite a lot but as highlights:

  • ZeroConfiguration network: so you can connect to your dragonfly from anywhere, with no router configuration. Here more information.
  • support for the Dragonfly smartphone app
  • ASCOM switch interface
  • Improved internal web server (including a page to manage the relays and sensors, and some javascript for web page integration)o

User manual:

Dragonfly Users manual

Desktop app                            

(smartphone style)

 Desktop app

Quick links to current packages:

Software V5.0

Quick links to current firmware:

Firmware (4.1.2)

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Software 4.5.5  / Firmware 4.1.2 (2017):