(contents revised Feb 2015)

This is something I have explaind to a few enthusiastic customers, but I believe it deserves its own web page.

So the answer to the question may I control several differente Seletek devices from my PC?  is yes, at this moment we're limited to 2 units, but if anyone needs a 3rd one I can have that fixed in almost no time.

The key is the PC must be able to identify each controller separately. Let's see controllers you can mix:

  • one original Seletek (pre-Armadillo) and one Armadillo or Platypus: no problem, the USB in the original Seletek is different from the USB in the newer versions.
  • one Platypus via TCP/IP and another one via USB: no problem
  • two TCP/IP Platypus: no problem either, each TCP/IP address is different
  • two Armadillos (be it the newer Armadillo2 or the first model): yes, it can be done but we need to record a special ID in the USB of one of them. Please let us know at time of ordering.
  • two Platypuses by USB: same as with Armadillos, need to record special ID

What you can not mix:

  • two original Seleteks (no way to record the special ID needed)
  • any two Armadillos or Platypuses, by USB, without the special ID recorded in one of them. It can be recorded at any moment, though, so no big deal.

Once we have a couple of suitable controllers, it is quite straightforward:

a) Open your currently working software (I'm assuming you already have a controller up and running), go to configuration,  and let's be specific about the connection method:

If it's already TCP/IP, no need to modify; if however it is "Any USB controller" (default), just change it to whatever it matches your first controller.

(the option "Second Armadillo or Platypus by USB" may read "Armadillo 2" in your current software, this image is for the upcoming 4.6 version. This new text is the correct one, "Armadillo 2" is really confusing as this has nothing to do with the "Armadillo2" model)

b) Install another copy of the software to a different folder. So second instance of the software, to the, say \program files(x86)\Seletek2. Also specify a different program group, "Seletek2" is a nice option.

Go to that folder (windows explorer) and create a file named "second". No "second.txt", just "second". No matter what's inside the file, it just need to exist. If you don't feel very comfortable doing this, just download this file and place it at your new Seletek software folder.

Now launch the seletek program of this new install, start menu, programs, seletek2, and you'll get:

Notice the title of the window now reflects it's the second instance (number placed at the left to avoid confusing minimized windows). This same number will appear in any software launching for this controller, so "2 Rotator", etc.

Now go to config, and again be specific about the second controller's connection method, just as you did before.

c) That's it!

If you plan to use ASCOM, one word of warning: you can not have several ASCOM devices with same name. If you will use 2 focusers, you can have one at the MAIN port and another at the EXP port of *either* controller, but never two "Focuser Main".

If you need three Rotators, then at least one of the controllers must be a Platypus, 'cause you need one at Main, one at EXP, last one at THIRD.

... as always, any doubt, just contact us!