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Our Solutions

Cloud detection

AAG CloudWatcher, measuring sky conditions since 2008. 

PocketCW, portable cloud detector.

Observatory control

Dragonfly, to remotely control your roll-off roof observatory.

... and monitoring

GNS, the only true solution to be able to sleep.

Focuser&Rotator controllers

Seletek Armadillo and Platypus, the most versatile astronomical peripheral controllers in the market.

Autonomous focus controller

Tarsier, to the astrophotographers who prefer leaving the computer at home.

Dew heater

ZeroDew the control system for all your anti-dew needs.

Our Products


Lunático Zero Configuration Network!

As requested by many users we've developed a system so you can connect with your observatory from anywhere, even if you don't know how to configure your router to "open ports" and things like that.

We call this the "Zero Configuration" system, as the only thing you'll need to supply is your email address.

This is currently available for Dragonfly customers, and users of the Solo CloudWatcher Android Widget. We'll add this to other products as soon as possible.

Coming soon:

- Limpet. The smallest and most recent Seletek.

- Dragonfly Domes!

Coming ... not so soon :)

- The best All Sky in the market

Smartphone apps and permissions

Lunatico's smartphone apps (GNSGNSFree, and the new Dragonfly and the pocket CloudWatcher, and any future ones) do not require nor use any sensitive data or permission. None at all.

Bluetooth apps request location information - this is an android requirement since bluetooth 4.0. We don't want that location information, won't use it, but cannot avoid the system asking for it. And it has to be granted to have bluetooth connectivity.

Not only that, but:

  •  the apps will only use your Smartphone storage to save its own settings
  •  they won't access your calls, contacts, identity... nothing at all
  •  the only data they'll know about you is what you configure in the settings
  •  ... and even that won't be shared with anyone. Ever.