The Tarsier is the most advanced autonomous focus controller.

Borrowing all the experience earned with our succesful line of controllers, the Tarsier is aimed to the astrophotographer who prefers leaving the computer at home.
It will not only move the focus motor, avoiding vibration at the scope, but also:remember focus points and allow to "goto" any of them

  • will move the motor at small or big increments, or continuosly - slowly, or fast
  • is capable of controlling almost any motor out there, from high accuracy steppers to inexpensive d.c. motors
  • can even track the temperature changes and perform focus corrections on the fly - by itself!
  • 100% configurable, from motor model, backlash, power, speed..., to backlight intensity

And not only that, it is also:                                                   
  • easy to handle thanks to the rubber sides   
  • designed to be operated wearing gloves
  • the screen's backlight will dim in dark conditions
  • the volume of the key "bip" can also be set to your preferences

Every Seletek family motor, coupling and focusing accesories will work with the Tarsier, and it will also drive stepper motors from almost any manufacturer (Robofocus, Lakeside, FeatherTouch, Moonlite...) and d.c. motor (Orion, Rigel systems...).

For more information, please read the User's manual and check our online shop.

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